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    Does The Constitution Need To Be Updated?

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    The constitution of the United States was written and signed into law at the Constitutional Convention in 1787. It has ruled as the supreme law of the land for well over 200 years and continues to guide our judicial system, and our country, to this day. However, having been written now 200+ years ago, the constitution has some things that are fairly antiquated. Therein lies the controversy with regards to the constitution.

    Should The Constitution Be Rewritten Or Updated?

    Whether or not the constitution should be rewritten is a passionate topic of debate. Generally speaking, people on the left, or Democrats, are more in favor of reform with regards to the constitution and what it contains. The right, or Republicans (especially constitutional Republicans) are in favor of following it’s exact letter of the law because that is what our forefathers have written out.

    The constitution has 27 amendments including the right to vote for women and all men, regardless of color. While the constitution was written in a time without fancy lawyers, high dollar power suits, and aba approved paralegals, it is still an incredibly powerful, relevant document that has survived the test of time until now.

    How Do Lawyers Do The Constitution Today?

    Lawyers today use the constitution to decide many matters of law. These things range from the right to bear arms (1st Amendment) to religious freedoms. The constitution is the driving force behind many, many different pieces of legislation every year. Whether you’re a lawyer, a legal secretary, a law clerk, a businessman, the constitution is important in your life. Whether you know what a paralegal does or how many Supreme Court justices there are or not, the constitution rules supreme in the United States and governs everyday life.

    Is it Still Necessary And Relevant?

    Proponents of the Constitution claim it is definitely still relevant. There are some antiquated portions of the constitution, however the writers had this in mind when they wrote it. They realized that times would change, and American’s rights would change and need protecting in different ways. Because of this, they gave the American government the power to amend the constitution through congressional legislation. This right has been invoked several times to keep the constitution as up-to-date as possible.

    The fight will continue, and parts if not all of the constitution will continue to be rehashed, reinterpreted, and discussed. This is part of the original plan and design of the constitution. It was meant to help guide peoples decisions, give a set of rules for all Americans to follow, and force discussion and involvement from the masses if a change was to be made. It was designed to be difficult, so that it would not be taken lightly. It is, most definitely, still relevant today.

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